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Welcome to Altun Ha Mayan Ruins, meaning “Water of the Rock,” a significant archaeological site located just about thirty-one miles north of Belize City. As one of Belize Adventure ToursAltun Ha is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

To reach Altun Ha, take a right turn onto the Old Northern Highway at about Mile 20, just past the village of Sand Hill on the Northern Highway. The site is conveniently close to the Belize City Port, making it easily accessible with just a short 1-hour drive from the Cruise Ship Terminal. Alternatively, you can arrive at Altun Ha by river from the coast, following the Northern Rivers route through Bomba and Maskall.

Strategically located about six miles from the coast of Belize City, Altun Ha served as a vital trading center and played a significant role in the ancient Maya civilization. Covering an area of about twenty-five square miles, most of which remains uncovered, these ancient Maya Temples once served as cities, towns, religious centers, and crucial trade posts.

Today, Altun Ha has been meticulously restored to its original splendor, revealing the architectural brilliance of the Maya civilization. As you explore this awe-inspiring site, you will undoubtedly feel the ever-present Maya spirit, connecting with the rich history and culture of this ancient civilization.

Founded around 600 BC, Altun Ha Mayan Ruins is one of the most famous Maya centers, with a history that may extend even further back in time. Despite its smaller size compared to other Maya sites, Altun Ha played a critical role as a trading post during its heyday.

The ruins and manicured grounds of Altun Ha offer a fantastic family-oriented activity, making it accessible and enjoyable for visitors of all ages. The site’s well-kept paths allow for a smooth walk through history, with no steep hills or sudden drop-offs to navigate. You can admire all the structures or choose to climb to the top of some of Central America’s most majestic Mayan ruins, providing breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Altun Ha translates to “Water of the Rock,” deriving its name from the nearby village of Rockstone Pond, reflecting the ancient Maya’s connection to their natural surroundings.
Altun Ha served as a vital trading center and played a significant role in the Maya civilization. It was a bustling hub for trade, commerce, and religious activities, and its well-preserved ruins provide valuable insights into the ancient Maya’s architectural and cultural achievements.
Yes, Altun Ha is a fantastic family-oriented activity. The site’s well-kept grounds and smooth, accessible paths make it suitable for visitors of all ages, including young children. Families can explore the ruins together and learn about the fascinating history of the ancient Maya civilization.

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